09 May 2012

A Little Good News on the LCWR Front

By Mary E. Hunt

May 8, 2012


I can report some good news for a change.

A nice group gathered today in front of the headquarters of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for a vigil in support of the nuns. Women's Ordination Conference did the major organizing. Among those present were folks from many different parishes, base communities, women-church groups, and justice organizations. They were all there to stand with the sisters.

The mood was light despite the palpable anger of many at the Vatican. Rush hour traffic whizzed by stalwart justice seekers with homemade signs. Many drivers tooted their horns and waved their solidarity.

What really warmed my heart were the cars that drove out of the USCCB parking lot (where they would not allow us to park, threatening to tow); the drivers tooted and/or gave thumbs up to the protesters. One man in a Roman collar signaled his support. A woman who appeared to be a staff person of some sort made her feelings known. Imagine our delight!

When the people "inside" are supporting the people "outside," you get the sense that this is really one big church at a major crossroad in its history. We will find a way forward.