04 May 2009

Mother's Day 2009: What She Means to Me

Think of an amazing woman you know. How has she touched your life? What has she done to be healthy, empower others, seek justice, bring about change?

Share a story in her honor this Mother's Day. Tell us what she means to you by posting a comment below.


  1. "Listen to your intuition" is what my mum always told me. She also lived by this advice. Her example and words stick with me, and continue to help me be healthy, wise, & empowered.

  2. My mother was a teacher who considered her three children just a small class. I appreciated her commitment to education and her love of children. I hope to live out some of it in my own way. Mary E. Hunt

  3. She loved her Church and taught me to love it too. She is one of those Christians who rejects the letter of the law when it conflicts with its spirit. She lives her life as best she can according to how she understands the life and ethos of Jesus of Nazareth, even if her understanding of this seems contrary to the laws and doctrines of the Church. She prays everyday. She is a devout Catholic. And yet, fifteen years ago when I led a protest in front of the Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul in the Diocese of Providence, she asked if she could come. She wanted to see “what it was all about.” In reality, I believe what she really wanted to know was her daughter and how this passion for religion had changed so, from participant to protestor. As she stood there in Cathedral Square, someone shoved a protest sign in her hands and there she stood in solidarity with us, or perhaps just with me.

  4. As I think of my mother this Mother’s Day, I remember the tribute to her that I gave at her wake:

    Mother gave me life. She gave me roots that grow deep and strong and she encouraged me to spread my wings and soar worldwide. Thank you, Mom.

    Mother shared her piano and musical talents with me. Thank you, Mom.

    Mother showed me how to enjoy nature, especially at the lake. Thank you, Mom.

    Mother nurtured my faith—rosaries, novenas, Masses, prayers, life at St. Mary-of-the-Woods. Thank you, Mom.

    Mother taught me the value of education. Thank you, Mom.

    Mother welcomed my partner and daughter. Thank you, Mom.

    Mother loved me unconditionally, taught me to be myself, and showed me how to enjoy life. Thank you, Mom.

    (Blow her a kiss.) Thank you, Mom.

  5. Honoring Cece Milller for midwiving Sacted Space for 20 years with her creative imagnination and tenacity. For 20 years she has guided, celebrated and honored wosmens
    accomplishments. in song, dance, art, chant, and
    story. My own writing and organizational skills
    have been enhanced by my association with Sacred Space: Spirituaolity, art, creativity, recreational, evolutionary directed space. Many women in Northeast Ohio have been exploring new
    possibilities oif self discovery, friendship and creativity.Kay Eaton cofounder of Sacred Space.